Blue Cloud Wind LLC

Blue Cloud Wind, LLC (BCW) is our third phase of projects in the Summit area. After spending several years in the area, we concluded that an expansion made sense. We looked at the wind maps and found the wind as good as, or better than where we had begun. Folks on the ridge suggested as much and often asked, “When are you coming our way?” Not only was the wind inspiring, so were the people. As we spent time in the area, we came to see that there was a deliberate feeling of community. Everyone is supportive of each other; the nature of farming and ranching has everyone surviving together.

In fact the inspiration for the name of our new phase, Blue Cloud Wind, came from a group that exemplifies “community” – Blue Cloud Abbey*. There folks live in a communal spirit. And in that spirit, demonstrated by farmers, ranchers and monks, we updated our financial / payment model to more of a co-op / community wind approach.

We have been fortunate enough to have begun BCW with a 50 MW project (Blue Cloud I – BCI) with a dynamic community wind developer, OwnEnergy (OE) ( The members of BCW and landowners in the BCI footprint are excited about joint venture with OE. OwnEnergy partners with local people to harvest the wind, by orchestrating financing, and supporting the project through technical and engineering input. OE is based out of New York, which is perfect, as that is the center of the finance world. OE’s Founder & CEO, Jacob Susman, is even on the American Wind Energy Association’s ( national board, representing community wind. BCW has especially enjoyed the relationships with Scot Kuhlke, Christine Karlovic & Jason Lowenstein. OwnEnergy exemplifies the new era of work ethic, creative thinking and teamwork.

There is tremendous potential for the folks in the BCW area. We are committed to developing the area to benefit all who wish to participate. The plan for the Blue Cloud Wind is to go in smaller phases, with as many as 600 more MWs added in the area. We see that energy will always be needed; we are providing one of the cleanest resources there are in the world and believe we are in the perfect place.

*It is our intention to honor the monastic congregate, and not insinuate a direct affiliation with them

UPDATE: Blue Cloud Wind is considered a follow up to the work of SummitWind and Wahpeton Wind. Together the three companies hope to put in play up to 130,000 acres into converting the wind to electricity. Combined, Blue Cloud and SummitWind have 240 additional MWs available for development in 2017.

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