The SummitWind wind plant operator also will participate financially in upgrading the grid to allow our production to become part of electrical distribution into Minnesota and beyond. The purpose of the MISO studies is to establish the extent and timing of the necessary upgrades. Most of the timing decisions for the start of construction and commissioning of the turbines is set by the outcome and timing of the MISO studies. In Colorado, wind plants have been completed in two years from conception to operation. We are not as fortunate with the MISO grid. grid transmission upgrades SummitWind is finding interest for more than the required leasing acreage and has completed its easements for the T-line to BSS. Our work does not end there. There will be much to do with environmental studies, permitting, title insurance and turbine siting. We will continue to be actively engaged in the community. grid transmission upgrades Construction for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of SummitWind will each take from nine months to one year with approximately 250 to 300 workers needed. Other wind plant projects in the area will start close to the same time. After commissioning (start of operations), each phase will need about 15 full time workers. Most permanent employees will be local folks who are trained on-the-job. If someone has an education or background in electronics, turbine maintenance, computer applications, engineering or management, they will move up quickly. These jobs require a person be physically fit and not afraid of heights (takes some practice).

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