SummitWind’s primary advantage to operators is its location; it has some of the highest wind resource available in the U.S. and has a large enough scale (block of land) to justify expenses. It creates an efficiency and focus for early completion compared to other possible projects. It is no small thing that there is good general support in the community. This is not always true in other locations.

Ahead of our schedule, wind plant operators appeared to bid for our project. Our goals in negotiation were to obtain a high paying lease for landowners and for SummitWind’s assets. The second largest wind plant operator in the U.S. met our goals: PPM Energy. We entered into a Project Development Agreement on August 1, 2007. With great pleasure, SummitWind believes we have the highest paying lease in the Midwest.

In 2008, PPM Energy was purchased by Iberdrola Renovables as a U.S. division. Iberdrola is the world’s largest wind plant owner-operator and a natural gas distribution company. A 70 year old company, Iberdrola is now publicly held. Clearly, Iberdrola wants a stake in our country’s wind assets and is aggressively seeking more. PPM was of great interest to Iberdrola because PPM had a similar business model with experienced and productive U.S. personnel. PPM (now Iberdrola) built the MinnDakota wind plant near Brookings, which is currently expanding.

lease for aquisition

In the interest of good returns for its Landowners and SummitWind, we negotiated an equitable lease and easement with PPM (Iberdrola) before completing a Project Development Agreement with them. SummitWind has been acquiring its footprint with this lease form; our area extends from Summit to south of South Shore, SD. There Florida Power and Light (now called NextEra Energy Resources) is developing a wind farm also. NextEra’s lease and options are quite different from SummitWind’s.

UPDATE: In 2012 Iberdrola Renewables terminated our project, SummitWind, due to a lack of transmission. However, we continued to look for opportunities, which lead to OwnEnergy’s involvement in our SummitWind Farm - 90 MW project, currently being permitted. We still pursue phases of development of the greater area, as we see other investors and final developers interested in taking advantage of this tremendously high resource value, the supportive community, combined with the forthcoming nearby MVP transmission.

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