Wahpeton Wind LLC
wind turbine against sun and sky

Our Wahpeton Wind project has an interesting history; its story is below. The goal for Wahpeton Wind is to be in-service the fourth quarter of 2018 utilizing the east 30 miles of the BSSE (Big Stone South Ellendale) MVP 345kV line. We are currently pursuing partners in developing this paused project.

In the fall of 2007, Iberdrola Renewables (IRI) asked us to expand our SummitWind (SW) footprint by another 25,000 acres. This created another project, a second phase called Wahpeton Wind, LLC (WW). WW is another 250 MW wind farm and also under contract with IRI. We are pleased to be working with IRI on this project, as we are on SummitWind. The plan is to build out WW one year after SW is completed. Both projects will use the same proposed 29.5 mile transmission line running through Grant County and the proposed Big Stone South substation, near Big Stone, SD.

wind turbine against sun and sky

All of our schedules are dependent on MISO’s (www.midwestiso.org) build out of two major interconnections: the CapX2020 line from Brookings, SD to the Twin Cities, MN and Otter Tail Power’s (www.otpco.com) Big Stone II transmission line segment connecting Big Stone South to Brookings. Both lines will be MVP lines – Multi Value Project – which means that these lines will serve the greater good in the whole region. There is a lot of speculation about when and how the interconnection will come together. MISO’s schedule indicates a completed loop in 2019; some see a quicker opportunity. It seems to depend on whether you are on the utilities’ side or developers’ side. Whatever the timeline ends up being, we all have to be persistent, creative and hopeful.

In the meantime, WW and IRI stay committed to the landowners in the wind farm. IRI has been putting up more meteorological towers (met towers), researching roads, bridges and culverts and inquiring into the USFWL requirements in the area. We at Wahpeton Wind have continued to grow in our respect for the quality of IRI’s work.

Iberdrola truck with bird's nest in wheel wellIberdrola truck with bird's nest in wheel well

On a visit to one of IRI’s sites we witnessed an example of the character of the company. After numerous attempts to dissuade a mother bird from establishing a nest on one of their truck tires, IRI personnel decommissioned one of their trucks, while the mother bird laid her eggs, hatched them & established a family…

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