Jim NewcombJim Newcomb

From 1963 until 1985 Jim Newcomb was involved in the agriculture business managing a large farm, portions of farm operations or the sale and manufacturing of fertilizers. Jim has been a part of the financial services industry since 1985. He earned designations as a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Chartered Life Underwriter and an MS Degree in Financial Planning, while working as an independent agent for Lutheran Brotherhood. In 1997, as an agent for Principal Life and Princor (a Broker-Dealer), he obtained the Chartered Financial Consultant designation. Agency work continued with Intervest International Equities Corp. until January 2002, when Jim turned to real estate development. He also obtained a MBA Degree from Colorado State University and completed courses at the College of Financial Planning as an Accredited Asset Management Specialist. Currently, in addition to the wind farm, Jim is in the final stages of a securities company closure (Balanced Assets, Inc.) and selling lots from a completed 59 lot residential development. He is also arranging a permit and remodeling for a rural lot sale in Washington State; his work up there included building a dog kennel facility.

It has been a natural transition for Jim to go from working the land as a farm operator and manager, to business planning, to developing real estate, to improving land value and landowner incomes with wind turbines.

The connecting thread through his entire career is a hope to better the lives of individuals and families, especially those kin to the way Jim grew up – on a farm.

Jim is a young-at-heart senior and enjoys trying to keep up with families from 4 children, including 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandkids. He has been married to Penny for over 50 years, has 5 siblings and his mother, Camilla, has already passed 100. Everyone is spread out through the US; therefore Jim and Penny travel quite a bit for family, as well as work.

Jim is the principal force in developing all three of our wind projects. He is responsible for planning, organizing, initiating the development, potential operator evaluation, negotiation of leases and easements, wind engineering contracts and evaluation, grid interconnection position, landowner contacts and acquisition, research and reporting. This is being accomplished with the help of community leaders, key landowners, a project administrator and others listed below.

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