Jim Newcomb

DHan (pronounced Da - hon) joined the SummitWind management team as Executive Assistant in September 2008. It was only a few months before she became Project Administrator. This is not the first time DHan has worked with her dad, Jim. He had her doing farm work at 5 - driving the truck, hoeing weeds out of rice fields (13), putting on shingles (14), etc. DHan claims Dad has been a great boss and now partner. Right before starting work for SummitWind, DHan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She participated in Belmont's "Finish What You Started" program for returning adults, and in one year was able to complete her degree. She is pleased to say she spent three years at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, connecting her to SD life.

Previously DHan has worked as a real estate agent helping people buy and sell homes. She is familiar with coordinating efforts to meet the individual needs of clients. The real estate business also familiarized her with contract law and the Realtor Code of Ethics. DHan also managed the videography department of Nashville's Media Services for several years. Here she worked with the law community, scheduling videotaping of depositions, production of media and invoicing. She became quite skilled at mediating problems. This is a skill she used daily while volunteering as President of her Home Owners' Association, and while Moderator of her church.

DHan and her son, Gleeson, live near Nashville, TN. Gleeson is a mature middle schooler and one of the top scholars in his class. He runs a mile in about 6 minutes, plays basketball and has lots of great friends. DHan loves working in, learning about and advancing renewable energy projects. Leaving a legacy to Gleeson that Mom and Grandpa Jim worked to make the world a better place is what drives her.

At SummitWind, Wahpeton Wind and Blue Cloud Wind, DHan accounts for the details, networks and fosters relationships. She retrieves information at the local Register of Deeds offices, gathering pertinent information like exact land descriptions, easements and right-of-ways. If there is any kind of assistance needed in communication, problem solving, contracting, mailing or running around to do, DHan does that as well. Almost daily Jim and DHan collaborate on managing the wind projects. In 2009 she became a partner with Jim, Doug & Tellus in BCW. Now she is really motivated.

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