Tellus Waddell

Another local resident, Tellus, and his wife, Lori, are instrumental in environmental studies and the area’s history. Tellus has the area’s welfare in mind as he shares information on wind farms. He is our visionary. When laying out the future footprints of projects, Tellus is able to instantly reflect on the topography, landowner inclinations and course of the wind. This is a tremendous help in guiding us to success. Folks in the area jokingly call Tellus a “tree-hugger.” However, Tell’s pursuits are a reflection of how much he cares about the sustainability of the land, preserving native grasses and flowers and being responsible to future generations. He is acutely aware of the benefits to the land, plants, animals and humans, when we stick to as much of an organic process as possible. You cannot spend much time with Tellus before his infectious jolliness embraces you in a hearty laugh. Neighbors seem to appreciate the contributions in thought, word and deed of Tell & Lori to the area.

Tellus & Lori have been extremely active in their community. From doing the books for their church and supporting fellow landowners in political pursuits, to raising money for the local volunteer fire department and serving on the school board. In every aspect of life, they put their whole effort into a project. The couple maintains a seed collecting company, organic farm and ranch, and native grasslands. Probably most importantly, Tellus and Lori have four children who are each successful in their own lives. From pursuing ministry and parenting to military service and seed technologist, these kids do it all well. Five bright, beautiful grandchildren are the best part of Tell and Lori’s life.

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